is creating GAME 3 (the best digital STRATEGIC CARD GAME ever!)

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Greetings! I'm Kyle, and I'm asking for your help to finish my epic STRATEGY CARD GAME for mobile devices and desktop computers!

Even though making games is the love of my creative life, it has long been a struggle to create original games when most of my time and artistic energy gets directed elsewhere to earn a living. The purpose of this Patreon is to try to make this game my top priority so that I can share it with all of you!

is a digital card game with tactical & RPG elements set in a pop-up book fantasy world. Every card can be used in multiple ways to achieve your objectives. The goals for each level will differ depending on the character class you select.

The main features of the game are:
  • Collecting Cards & Building Custom Decks.
  • Using cards to execute actions and move your characters through multiple levels.
  • Unlock characters, locations, items, and more.
  • Unique experience for each class of character.
  • Story Campaign and Randomly Generated levels.
  • Trade cards with friends, or sell your extra cards at Market, or Gamble with them on the Black Market to gain greater chance at collecting rare cards.

For your patronage at any level, you will receive:
  • A copy of Game 3 when it is released.
  • Your name added to the in-game credits.
  • In-Game Gold! For every dollar pledged on Patreon you will receive in-game currency to buy extra booster packs.
The in-game currency reward is a Patreon exclusive feature . It works much like other shopping rewards you may have experienced at retail stores: For every dollar you pledge on Patreon, you will receive in-game currency to spend once the Market, and Black Market, features are implemented. You don't have to do anything to receive this bonus. I'll track it for you! Once Game 3 supports the feature I'll send you a code to unlock your in-game rewards.

I've been working in the entertainment industry for the last 20 years. I'm a traditional 2D animator, turned 3D modeler & rigger, turned video game designer, turned programmer, turned board game designer, turned small studio entrepreneur. Here is my LinkedIn profile if you wish to snoop my professional credentials or connect with me.

Passion: Making Games!
D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good
Airport: PDX
Lifelong Mantra:"First socks, then shoes! For fork's sake one thing at a time universe!"

Thanks for supporting my craft!
$5 of $50 per month
I'll send everyone who has pledged a custom Tinderbox Insider wooden token that you can use to determine heads or tails.
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