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If you are here to read the following, thank you for your time.

The ancient fruit, once distributed as a part of general education; superb, excellent, and nourishing.
The ancient orchard now neglected,
or, worse, updated and modernized, boiled down,
all the way down,
to the vitaminized fruit drops of academia, a 'taste sensation!'
The ancient fruit, however, is patient; will not rot;
is sufficient on the tree, being what it is,
not sensation but substance,
ready for and even awaiting the hungry traveller.

Some years ago, after a taste of Aristotle and a conversion to Christianity, I chose to become a gardener of these old trees. All I do is tend them and pass out the apples and pears.

Retiring from Augustine College (my garden of the past decade and a half), I now have the goal of achieving a free online school (at least in those subjects I have taught: philosophy, logic, art). Traditional education without the inconvenience of dollars and relocating to a physical classroom. This idea was hatched as I came to realize that we could not continue to make a go of living in Ottawa (our plan is now to move to where we can be settled and turn the following projects into my source of income).

Those projects are:

Writing books that transmit the lost basic wisdom once taught as part of a basic Christian higher education. I call it lost because scarcely any schools now teach it. If you want to see the books I am working on you can do that at FORSAKEN IDEAL, my book imprint. (I am continuing to write a chapter per month of one book, to which patrons have access, giving you the opportunity to comment, suggest, and criticize as the work goes on). (Believe me when I say that if you have input and questions, they will be taken seriously.)

Producing video lectures for an online school that will do the same thing. What happened to the essentials, the ancient wisdom? Once this was taught at every college; today it is scarcely taught anywhere. Have a look at ABANDONED SCHOOLHOUSE, which opened in September of 2019. Lessons are still being added.

A monthly Newspaper for all Patrons. THE Expurgated YAWP Monthly, delivered the first of each month; with short Items on actually important current issues and some standard Features (quotation of the month, concept of the month, monthly poem, artwork, or musical piece). Plus a Cartoon!

Writing occasional posts on topics related to our tradition’s understanding of the world: COLOURS OF NIGHT.
If you are already a patron, I thank you for your encouragement. Your generosity, so long as you are able to be a participant (don't feel bad about dropping out), is much appreciated.

If you become an actual patron I shall be deeply grateful as true patrons are rare.
Patreon arose from the idea of the 'patron' but is often for subscribers (I suppose a 'fan' might be one or the other). Both are valuable yet these are quite different roles. The YAWP is my effort to deliver 'Patreon rewards' (how do you reward supporters?), but patrons here are fairly selfless, which is quite extraordinary. All who join in whatever way help me greatly in going on with the school and the books.

This page was opened for me in the summer of 2018 by former student David McKernan, who set it up with the plan that I would write something monthly. This was all his idea but I bit and began to write more steadily. Since then I have managed 18 chapters of two books (to be published in hard copies as soon as they are done). I am aiming at one to be out before the end of this year. My thanks to David and to all for making it possible to keep this moving.

30 of 100 patrons
Thanks to patron support I have created an online Philosophy school, the now-open Abandoned Schoolhouse. Though I have only a quarter of the 100 patrons who, it is hoped, could make it 100% free I am launching it as 50% free. (Vouchers for enrolment  are available to patrons. There is no automated way to pass these out so ... please ask.) 

The other goal alongside the school is the books I am writing (for which see Forsaken Ideal); the plan is to issue a new chapter each month (these chapters are available to Patrons).

The blog has finally been revived. (Preparation for the move was a little preoccupying but "the unexpected," as Euripides said, has unfolded, for which I give thanks. My thanks also to patrons, who have played a role in this. – "The things we think will happen do not happen. The unexpected God makes possible.")

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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