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Do you want to support me? I would be delighted!
I'm new here, my name is Paula (Pora) and I'm a 19 years old art student that will work as tattooist in a near future, and if you know me, you should know I love animals and nature (go vegan!!☮)
Well, why am I here? I'm saving money because I'm in a really bad situation, so right now, I can't afford making all the cosplays I'd like to start. I'm looking for a job, but university accumulates all my time so I'm a bit stressed. I also had open drawing commissions to maybe gain some money (because here in Spain jobs are in short supply 😅), so let me know if you're interested.
Therefore, as you all can imagine, cosplay is a hobby that require lots of time, money and efford and I think I won't improve my skills because I'm not going to be able to start more cosplans, and it's sad.

The majority of my cosplays are handmade and I'm hooked to do cosplays, I want to dress and pose, I want to recreate scenes, make parodies with other cosplayers and funny videos of our favourite series, romance among our most beloved characters, precious stories which never could be seen in the original plot, and more. My desire is to aim great ideas that budget doesn't allow me to achieve.
If you like what I do, please consider helping me, every grain will be received with a lot of love! I would like to grow the amount of cosplays I make and cons I try to attend every year, in the end, to see your favourites characters at cons and to take photos whit them is always very nice, isn't it? 🔥
At first I was a bit apprehensive about making this, but I hope I can create something you guys are interested in, I wait hopefully somebody's help!

So, become a Patron and you'll get fansigns, prints, stickers and many other things. I can give you all the love you want, check my 'rewards', they're to thank you for being along on this cosplay journey with me and having some fun exclusive content that won’t take away from my regular social media. I hope to be able to finish one new cosplay each month as well with that kind of support!💚
0% complete
Thank you all for supporting my work, I hope to progress a lot thanks to you!
I CAN'T WAIT TO START THIS ONE, I decided to make it myself by hand, do you help me with the fabrics? I promise not to disappoint you!

¡Muchísimas gracias por apoyar mi trabajo, espero avanzar mucho gracias a vosotros!
ESTOY DESEANDO EMPEZAR ESTE COSPLAY, voy a hacerlo yo a mano, ¿me ayudáis con las telas y demás? ¡no os decepcionaré con el resultado, lo prometo!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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