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Everywhere accessible crowdsources solutions to accessibility, for disabled populations, with an emphasis on women of color.

The 2020 vision

We plan to have 20 projects, most of them small but all of them significant, that will sharpen the vision of the American and world public about disability.

Here’s just a few.

Our upcoming projects for 2020

  1. We have already started organizing information and resources for disabled people with the Twitter Disability hashtags project. In coming years we hope to grow that into a resource that allows the disabled community to find each other and work together.
  2. Form a coalition of For us, by Us disability organizations who speak as one united voice to be more strict about ADA non-compliance and insist on change.
  3. This coalition would also help support and promote community projects like Alice Wong's #AccessIsLove and ask that local, regional and national press cover these projects so that they get more visibility outside our community.
  4. Create an ideal standard of accessibility beyond the ADA, inclusive of the invisibly and multiply disabled and publicizing those standards.
  5. Advise organizations on what the standards should be above and beyond what the AdA requires. 
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We need $4500 to launch

And we need to hit that number monthly to gain access to equipment as well as to hire freelancers to create software and handle customer support.d
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