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Hello and Welcome❤️💦❤️💦

If there is only one word that could describe my life focus and reason for living-it would be....Worship.
I pray that doesn’t dredge up some boring "holier than thou image" in the mind of the reader because that is the last thing I want ANYONE to take away from this introduction. I also hope that doesn't limit the reader or anyone here to the belief that worship is in singing only.  It absolutely is Not!  Worship is surrender to the One who is able to make everything in your life work out for GOOD.  It is so much more than worship music, or even prayer... Of course we are instructed to pray without ceasing....I believe I do practice this every day-because I maintain my awareness and connection to the presence of God constantly. And we know that God inhabits the praises of His people so singing praises to God is absolutely an essential to the life of a disciple.  How else can we express our adoration to the King?

God is A CREATOR - SO HE CREATES. He Is NOT BORING, He is not nervous, and He is SO Much MORE FUN than we churchified stiffs like to make Him out to be😂.
(I know that was a bit bombastic, but I like to add a little emphasis when making an important point.) 

 I would love to create a forum where peeps feel completely safe to share their stories and even plan meetings where we can connect with each other... because what I REALLY want to do is to be able to get to know you.
 But only if you also really value think on that for a minute.  I believe God has been speaking to my heart what He wants to see happen so I've got some really big plans for the future, and I'm hoping that you will catch the same fire and will want to be a part of what we’re doing here. 

Here in this community - we get to collaborate, ask questions, create unique community content, insights that are relevant to our situations, and together, discover our own brand of serendipity.  So I think Holy Spirit is saying art therapy, worship therapy, music therapy, dance therapy that is not only cathartic, but art or movement or prose or any form of inspired communication is absolutely the catalyst that is needed to bring breakthrough.  By being a supporting member of this community, you'll help me not only create more consistent content; I believe a lot of healing will take place. We don't want anyone to feel that they are all alone.

Over the years of leading worship, and especially in the last few years, I’ve really experienced some quantum growth spurts concerning prophetic expressions. I Know That I Was Put On This Earth To Demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Therefore I want every cell in this human body to resonate - I must have my heart mind soul and Body in harmony!
What a lot of people don't realize is that since we live in the physical realm- sometimes what is required for a breakthrough is a physical catalyst.
So for instance - in my own  case if I can move my physical body aka my "temple" around in my worship - the rest of me gets into agreement and I know that I know that I know God is using the demonstration for His Power, His Glory, Healing and Deliverance. 

Getting the physical realm to line up with the spiritual is one of my goals, because I believe it is one of God's most often used ways to communicate His will.  Look at the prophets of the Bible....very often they were instructed to do something, go somewhere, or find a particular person.  And it was usually something out of the ORDINARY...not something huge-just something unusual in their daily habits.

I so look forward to studying exactly what those physical catalysts WERE in the stories of the Bible, but even more I look forward to what Holy Spirit wants to challenge us TO DO in order to bring about transformation.  I am convinced it does NOT always have to be a huge step of obedience.  In fact, it is often a very small step of faith-consider Moses throwing down his shepherd's rod and what happened as he obeyed that simple command.

So Today Say something you've been itching to say, Build the thing that is in your heart to build, Take that very small step that you believe would bless someone around you - as you begin to thoroughly enjoy yourself and know that you know you are hearing God - you absolutely become a powerful conduit of healing.

We humans so easily fall into mental and physical ruts. Where did your mind’s eye go when you read the phrase “deliverance service”? Did you see people inside a church?  We Almost Always equate the church building as THE PLACE where all spiritual activity takes place - particularly the warfare type of activity....Selah
What is a church if it’s not the building that we associate with a particular address? 


So Let’s Be Prophetic Demonstrations of the Heart of God. Let's Be Ministers of Healing and Deliverance Every Single Day and....Expect the Inevitable, Supernatural, Intervention of God.
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When I reach this number of patrons, I'll start a special podcast series where I interview 1 patron every month.  I believe in the power of stories. Some of us are definitely less self-disclosing than others; and that is perfectly fine!  In fact, I would rather err on the side of less self-divulging; in order to avoid that mortifying (buyer's remorse?) feeling that one can experience after an interview!  No worries...we will keep it positive and uplifting...or we won't do this.

Truth be told - "over-self-disclosure" is probably more of a challenge for me - I tend to be an open book hoping that my life experiences will aid someone else - if for no other reason than to avoid all my mistakes;)  I've spent the last few years just pouring out thoughts, ideas, and of course feelings - sometimes to my own detriment.  Sure, this habit may have helped some people; but I'm not totally convinced that I haven't done myself a little bit of harm also. And I will do everything I can to make sure that we are both comfortable with whatever level of involvement you choose to have. 

This is the impetus behind doing a forum or community such as this.  We will attract those who are more invested in looking for solutions, and are willing to collaborate than those who may be simply curious. 

I look forward to meeting some really amazing people - those who are striving to just survive, those who have overcome in life's toughest trials, and even those who are thriving after enduring great personal loss. 

This world is NOT our forever home - but it IS training for reigning in the next one.  Let's aspire to use all the lessons the trials have taught us.  You are extremely valuable to God; and He wants to use you to not only impart to others your battle strategies and wisdom,  but to actually help Him to heal others.

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