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About T. J. Fechner

My name is Trevor Fechner and I want to do what I love. For me, that means writing. A lot

Most people on the Internet know me as "luckychaos" (lack of capitalization intentional), the author of "Everyday Life as a Supporting Character", a fanfiction set in the Monster Musume franchise and what I consider to currently be my proudest achievement as an author. As of the time of this writing, ELaaSC currently has 119 chapters, over 263K words, and, on average, pulls in at least 3k views daily. It can be found on Fanfiction.net or the Spacebattles forums and is far from over.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues, but I'll be upfront with you about the Big One: I need money. Shocker, right? Why else would I be on Patreon? But to go in a little more detail, writing is my primary passion and my dream is to be a published author. While writing ELaaSC, I am also working on a collaborative fantasy graphic novel with a friend of mine that we both wish to have ready for the public by the end of the year, while also working on my own novel. I don't always have the time to do this because of my day job that has nothing to do with writing whatsoever and I have yet to profit from my own writing.

My end goal is to quit my day job, dedicate myself entirely to my novels and ELaaSC, and ultimately become someone who can make a living off of my own original works, hopefully entertaining as many people as I have with ELaaSC and potentially more. Multiple people online and otherwise have come to me saying they would pay for my work, and now I would like to see if that is honestly true. 

As far as incentives and rewards go, aside from more content from me, that will be entirely dependent on the size of the donations. I'll be the first to admit I don't have a lot to offer (yet), but I can always offer up my skills as a writer. Look to the right on this page to see what amounts to what, at least until I have the resources to give out more.

Well, that's the pitch for now. It's not a lot, but it's what I've got. It means more to me than anything that I've so far been able to touch so many different people with my writing, and I want to do more. With your help, we can do that. Thank you for your time.
$11 of $50 per Chapter or Short Story
I feel like this is a reasonable goal for now, due to the amount of content I produce currently. The goal is likely to change with time, however, along with how my work develops. Any step forward is greatly appreciated!
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