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About T Justin Comer

Hey guys!

This is Tommy from the Ravens Creek Study. My pen name is T. Justin Comer. I'm a teacher, author, blogger, and now officially also an educator on YouTube. I have a lot of goals for my channel. I want to eventually have teachings that go through every book of the Bible, systematic theology courses, biblical theology courses, teachings through the end times and eschatology, studies on various subjects in apologetics, and eventually a biweekly or daily show that focuses around some of the more controversial subjects, difficult questions, or just questions that many are asking without receiving answers (like why the Old Testament is important). 

I don't want to formally (or officially) charge anyone for this material, because if it be the word of God then it should be free. I want this to be accessible and easy for anyone and everyone. So, for those of you who desire to support me, it is entirely voluntary, which is why I thank you so kindly. 

Thanks for your consideration and support. Grace and peace to you in Christ.
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To actually receive any money for doing what I love would be incredible, and whoever is my first pledge shall be my hero :)
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