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is creating comics, novels, graphic art, ink drawings, watercolor paintings,
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About T Justin Haxby

Who am I? That one kid who can draw really well, consistently blowing minds and creating pride for my family and patrons. At least I was before life hit. Can you say two degrees? Neither of them related to art? I've grown weary of the dead-end career paths and I just want to be happy with what I am doing again.

So I'm finding my way back to my destiny by exercising the talents God gave me, and having serious fun. I also write! I am at work on a second novel as I type this (watch, I won't remember to update this even after my sixth novel is written), and exploring the characters in my art.
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When this gets going and I'm able to breathe a tiny bit, I'll quit my part-time job and do art and my full-time job.

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