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About t. l. rasmussen

I've been writing poetry for decades, giving little thought to sharing my work until now.  I'm not sure why it finally feels right to so so.  Perhaps it's just age, the seeking after a bit of imagined immortality through the preservation of words, but that doesn't feel quite right.  Over the years I think I've finally learned that sharing, sharing anything, is really the best thing I can do, in the face of being confined, as we all are, to this lonely, individual box of flesh and mind and emotion that I call "me."  So now is my time to share, if you will join me.

Poetic creation for me is sporadic, occasionally painful, and always draining. But the urge to write poetry has stubbornly refused to abandon me across the years, so that I can only acknowledge myself as a poet, for better or worse.

From a creative standpoint, my longer works usually arrive without much warning, leaping up out of the pit of my subconscious self.  When they decide to present themselves all I can do is try to trim them, maybe tweak meter or rhyme scheme, and then I duck for psychological cover.  After completing them, I can rarely re-read them without considerable time passing.  They feel jaggedly dangerous to my psyche; like a raw nerve from a broken tooth.  The shorter works approach me more civilly and are of a more gentle character, usually.  My muse is flighty and a little dangerous, like a cherub brandishing a rusty hat pin.

Fortunately and wonderfully, the process of writing always renews me, as does re-reading the poems later; often years later.  And this is what ultimately drives me to go on. This is why I write at all - for this renewal and the restoration of balance it brings me in the face of an increasingly difficult world. 

I hope this poetry brings renewal to all of you as well, my readers.

Your patronage allows me to devote more of myself, my energy and time, to this renewal and creation.  And for this, and for sharing my works, I thank you.


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