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About Texas Music Spotlight

We are the Texas Music Spotlight. We are a father and son duo with 30+ years of being in the music industry combined and we started a podcast together! We chat with musicians that perform original music from all over Texas and have a large catalog for you to start with already in the books! Our goal is to promote hard working musicians in the great state of Texas, help existing musicians with knowledge about the business, and most importantly have a fun conversation with the people behind the music you know and love!

We joined Patreon in hopes of furthering this endeavor and making this something bigger than what it is now. We have a lot of cool ideas for the upcoming year and we would like our fans to help make it happen! We can bring in higher profile bands, possible merchandise for you, and even have some live shows in San Antonio, Texas or the surrounding areas. Who knows, the possibilities are endless. We have a great time putting these shows together and we just want to make the podcast experience better.

By becoming a Patron you are helping us out and we are forever grateful. We do this on our own time and between our own lives filled with family and playing gigs so anything that you can do would help! It will not go unnoticed either. We have tiers set up per month and for whatever tier you decide to go with, you can contribute to the podcast! Whether it be submitting a question, getting us to personally shout out someone, or having us promote your product, we will be giving back to those that can help us! If you can't, that's okay as well. We get that times are tough sometimes and we will continue to keep our podcast free on our audio platforms. 

So what do you say? Help us out if you can and thank you for your interest in the Texas Music Spotlight.

Stream on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tmspodcast
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Facebook & Twitter: @TexasMusicPod
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Email: [email protected]
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