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About Tell Me Something Weird

For almost an entire year, Eric and Jodie have been drinking together every week. Drinking and telling each other stories of true crime, strange characters, the weird, the unusual, and the paranormal. And that's why you're here--one of our biggest fans and unwavering supporters. We love doing this show every week and we couldn't do it without amazing listeners like you. 

Eric and Jodie have a long and interesting history that began as a romance. It's a relationship that has shed its skin several times causing one to ponder deep, existential questions about the nature of the universe and face nightmarish Lovecraftian horrors. Ultimately, it blossomed into an amazing friendship. A true, heartwarming tale of human capability and perseverance. By donating to the show, you, our benevolent benefactor, have the opportunity to be a part of the next terrifying evolution.

From the beginning, we have always said, "There is no way I'm doing this show sober," and "we have got to figure out a way for other people to pay for our bad habits." Thank you for being our enablers.