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About ToastyBros

The Toastybros is a tech channel with a primary focus on computer hardware. The channel is made up of two guys by the name of Jackson and Matt. Together with their friendship that dates back six plus years they create content on a topic that has been a passion of theirs since they were young. 

We have a very deep experience with YouTube and creating content on YouTube from countless gaming channels when we were younger that never really took off hovering around 500 subscribers at most. However the Toastybros is different. We decided to create content that we are very passionate about and the subscribers we have show their appreciation for us doing what we love to do.

Building PC's, giving people insight into what to buy when building their PC and helping those with budget's build the best bang for their buck in a world where everyone thinks you need a $1000 computer to be able to play games. 

Supporting us on Patreon will allow us to build more PC's, up our production value and limit the time we have to work and be able to focus more on creating the content that we are itching to push out to you all. Any amount helps and if you can't donate anything no worries! go check out our channel and subscribe comment and be active. That helps just as much as any monetary donation would
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This goal will allow us to pump out and create more PC builds at a faster rate, along with the ability to experiment with new concepts and ideas of used hardware hunts and different showdowns! 
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