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I am on a mission to bring together resources including videos, podcasts, blogs, whatever it takes to help families of children diagnosed with learning disabilities such as Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and ADD, to name a few. One word that describes the feelings of these families is CONFUSION. With your help, we will bring clarity to families and individuals all over the world as we provide resources for them to begin, "EMERGING FROM THE CONFUSION."

Being a school administrator for over 20 years and co-founder of a private, school for students with learning disabilities (www.acadstl.org), I have acquired knowledge, experience and a unique background to bring families the social, emotional, and educational resources needed to guide their special needs child into adulthood.

More importantly, I have lived this life personally through the eyes of my own daughter who was born with a learning disability (KaraOdaniel.com). I know firsthand some of the challenges these families face. From being told your child no longer 'fits in" at school, or maybe having your child labeled as the "lazy learner" or "trouble-maker", or seeing your child's face when she realizes she is the "only one" not invited to one of her classmates 3rd grade birthday party. Maybe you are or know "that parent" who everyone stares at in the grocery store as your child  melts down from sensory overload. Hmmm...sound familiar or "feel familiar?" I feel your pain...and your child's pain as well.

Yes, I know all about the issues and have tons of resources. What I don't know is how to make videos and put together other media to get these resources out to those who need them the most. (As is shown in my intro video above:(

With your help, we can bring hope to families by providing this unique platform of specialized resources right into their homes and offices. By becoming a monthly supporter, you are providing the resources needed to produce videos and other media AND to help continue researching topics that will directlly help your neighbor, relative, friend or perhaps yourself, "Emerge from the Confusion!" 
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Join me in creating videos that will provide individuals and families answers to the plethora of questions they have in dealing with a person with a learning disability. This  includes interviews from students who live with these issues, as well as, parents, educators and medical professionals.
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