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Todd Lambert is a new breed of photographer who focuses on photographing remote locations such as graveyards and abandoned places at night. He thrives on the "butterflies" feeling you get when you're somewhere that you're not supposed to be. In many cases that is closer to the truth than you would think.

Todd is an adventurous spirit who lives full-time on the road while traveling across the country. This allows him to find obscure locations and unusual subject matter that is atypical to the normal landscape genre. He has excelled at finding and capturing beauty and his award winning portfolio proves that.

Todd has focused mostly on the western United States where his work represents 14 states so far. He has plans to head East over the next year and eventually cover the entire US.
These are some of the things that drive Todd Lambert to scour the Internet, drive countless miles and sleep in his car for. You see, Todd is a photographer that specializes in photographing vintage cars, abandoned places and other pieces of unique American history.

On top of the challenges Todd takes on when in search of a new target to photograph, Todd also prefers to photograph at night. In fact, he goes out most every night in search for old abandoned vehicles that have history, class and hopefully a story to tell. 

Todd’s photography of old vehicles really got started in 2008 when he got a newer generation digital camera that allowed him to shoot clear, clean photos at night.

One of Todd’s first subject matter proved to be one of his most iconic. Todd had found a derelict ghost ship, a shrimp boat called the “Tiger Shark” which he proceeded to photograph over and over again for 3 months. “I became obsessed with shooting it. Each full moon, I would make my way down there and start shooting”.

Once Todd saw the impact his photo had with the resilient Gulf Coast residents who had endured so much during and after Hurricane Katrina, he began to donate the image to local charities to use for auctions and marketing efforts.

Since then, Todd has made it his mission to explore the back roads and old highways of America in search for his next night photo target. This journey has taken him to 15 states including the entire Western part of the United States. While working a day job, he spent years on the road, taking any chance he had to drive and explore his surrounding areas looking for old cars, trucks, planes, boats, and trains to photograph.

His passion grew so strong that he decided to quit his job as a web developer, sell his house and all of his belongings and take to a nomadic road photographer lifestyle so that he could devote as much time as possible to his journeys.

And that, is where you come in. If you enjoy seeing my videos and want to help support my art and my passion, please pledge to help today. Any amount helps! 

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- Todd Lambert
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Living and traveling on the road is tough and sometimes the expenses can really add up. Between fuel, food, vehicle maintenance, equipment costs, and those unforeseen events that tend to pop up at the worst times!
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