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About tofutiles

I'm an artist who wants to make art for a living, and while I can be stubborn about what I wanna draw, I can't say no from a group of supportive individuals who want to see me make art (that would be you...hopefully) but regardless of the subject matter I'm drawing I hope to continuously improve and develop my skills to give you guys awesome top notch work as quickly as I can.

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Not the biggest or the strongest, downright weak really...but it all helps.
Thank you for your contribution. You'll get early access to what I finish
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Dependable, menacing, somewhat deadly.
As an undead soldier you will be able to download hi resolution PNGs of what I've made.
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Sharp Talons, Flight, and the cutest widdle face.
You'll be able to see what I'm working on and get PSD files of finished pictures hi resolution of course.

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