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For as low as $1 per month, you can support my endeavors. All proceeds go to making videos, whatever that entails. All Patrons get their names credited in a video no matter the amount. Thank you so much!




Hey! My name's Andrew (or tolbot.exe) and I make video content on YouTube. My Youtube channel is where I will publish most of my content. As it's mostly a part time effort among my social obligations and my full time job, I can't promise a defined schedule at the income level that my Youtube channel currently provides. But for now I can promise that I'm always cooking up something - I've got things I wanna say and videos are the only way I know how to say it. 

Most of my videos are video essays or critiques of some kind, mostly pertaining to video games and other media, but my priority currently is on getting more experience with games criticism specifically. Some content might include comedy, or long form commentaries as well. All support from Patreon will contribute to these as well as the critique videos - for the most part, I use Youtube to express myself in ways I can't in my day to day. In other words my channel is a grab bag of surprises! 

This whole Patreon thing is an ever evolving work in progress for me. I would encourage your support to the extent that you're able to provide it. I would never ask anyone to spend more than they can afford, so I'm not going to gate anything I make behind a paywall. Perhaps down the line I may include a timed-exclusivity Tier for patrons, but they'll eventually live on the Youtube page for all to see. For now however, whatever you can spend is good enough for me. You are free to cancel your patronage at any time as well. 

Check out the relevant links to the accounts where I boast the most posts. Twitter is typically where I'm most active so if you'd like to reach out directly, you have the best chances there. Thank you again for landing on my page and safe journeys to you through cyberspace.

Andrew (aka tolbot.exe)

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