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Welcome to the wonderful, weird and wacky world of Tomfoolistry! 

Now, we know what your thinking: What in the world is Tomfoolistry? 

Well, we are glad you asked. According to The Totally Not Fake Dictionary of Words and Stuff, Tomfoolistry is defined as " The science of producing entertainment through the use of shenanigans, hootenannies, hooliganism, and general tomfoolery." 

As Tomfoolerists, our job is to bring happiness, laughter, and joy to anyone and everyone using Tomfoolistry, but in order to do this, we need help! 

You see, we saved up for months to build a budget in order to afford the props necessary to produce videos. Then we made the mistake of hiring a mutant gorilla as our media representative, who single-handedly blew our entire budget on mutant bananas in a month. 

So now we need funds in order to keep producing these videos for your entertainment, and the reward for donating any amount is exclusive videos and content! Any donation is completely put back into making videos to spread happiness and joy all around the world, and we hope that you can help us make our video visions a reality! 

PS: We fired the mutant gorilla, so he cannot spend any of your donations on mutant bananas. We hired a mutant duck instead, and we are pretty sure that there is no such thing as mutant bread.
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