Tom Mulgrew

is creating real-time voxel ray-tracing graphics engines

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I'm building an novel graphics engine which combines real-time voxel ray-tracing and traditional polygon rendering to render very large open worlds in real-time.
The voxels allow for very long view distances, while the polygon rendering provides good close up detail without looking boxy. They combine virtually seamlessly into a final image which is displayed.

It's still a proof of concept, but demonstrates that the different types of rendering can fit together, with dynamic lighting, shadows and decent water reflections applied consistently across both types of content at real-time frame rates.

I'm quite excited about this approach and I believe it could be a real option for developers looking to create very large open-world environments with extremely long view distances.

You can see it in action on the Youtube channel.

I'm intending to open-source this once the final issues are worked through and it's cleaned up a bit. In the meantime I'd like to share the binary executable with patrons who would like to try it out. (Current requirements: Windows and a recentish NVIDIA card).

I've also developed a lot of techniques and code for sparse voxel octree storage, rendering, background streaming, thin-wall issue workarounds etc that I'd love to write up for anyone interested in how the sparse voxel octree ray-tracing works.

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If you're new to Patreon, it's essentially a platform that allows you to donate a small amount of money each month to content creators you want to support. This helps creators feel appreciated and compensated for their work.

For me it means a small budget for buying tools and assets, to make better prototypes, and better explore what the different techniques can achieve. Like better heightmap creation tools to generate the large open worlds, professional 3D assets to populate them with, and code analysis tools (like Resharper C++) to develop more correct code faster.

In return you get insider access to early builds, progress reports, blog posts and development videos.

Click the "Become a Patron" button to support my work and help me take it further.
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Better trees!
With a budget to acquire some professional asset packs, I can populate worlds with better looking trees and foliage.
And who knows, maybe some decent castle ruins, stone out-croppings, bridges, hedges, ...
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