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About Tomorrow Girls Troop

We are Tomorrow Girls Troop, a worldwide fourth wave feminist art collective. We are working for equality of all sexualities and genders in East Asia, through art, social action, education, and pop culture.

Welcome to our Patreon page. Thank you for your interest in supporting us as an ally in our feminist mission! You can do that by pledging a monthly donation to help sustain us. In return, on Patreon, you get these awesome things:

  • Access to our English-language articles, offering the Tomorrow Girls Troop perspective on important news from the feminist frontlines in the region, essays, interviews with our members from around the world, links to and reviews of feminist resources, and other content. These articles are full of vital information and insider perspectives, which can be difficult to get outside of the region in English. (Browse our highlighted articles here!)
  • Behind-the-scenes photos from our performances, announcements, sneak peeks of our upcoming projects, and free hi-res downloads of our art posters!
Your financial support of Tomorrow Girls Troop is more vital than ever.

Since Tomorrow Girls Troop was founded in 2015, our membership has grown to over 50 artists and activists living around the world, working tirelessly to bring awareness to feminist issues in East Asia and to create a more positive world for all.

Some of the current things our patrons’ donations will help pay for:
  • International shipping of exhibition materials
  • Printing, video editing, and the other costs of making art
  • Translation and editing
  • Paying writers, performers, and artists a stipend for their contributions
  • Creating educational materials
  • Administrative costs, public relations
  • Producing Tomorrow Girls Troop masks

We are beyond grateful for your support and appreciation. Together we can make an even greater impact and create a better tomorrow!
Thank you!

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