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Tom Moran from "Tom's Big Spiders" here...welcome to my Patreon page! If you've stumbled onto this page, I'm going to assume that you've read a couple of my articles, watched some of my videos, or caught one of my podcasts and you are a generous soul who would like to show your appreciation and support via a donation of your hard-earned money. Quite frankly, I find that very humbling.

Honestly, the idea of getting any compensation for my efforts is quite foreign and awkward to me. When I began my blog several years ago, it was a way to connect with other hobbyists and to give folks a place to go for current and accurate tarantula care information. I had witnessed firsthand how hostile some public message boards and groups could be to new hobbyists, and had experienced the frustration of trying to find quality and factual details about tarantula care when I first got into the hobby. Daunting just doesn't seem like a strong enough word for how difficult it could be to get good information from a friendly voice. 

My goal has always been to spread my experiences keeping these animals and to assist people just getting into the hobby in any way possible. Whether it be through emails, Facebook messages, or the comment sections of my blog or YouTube channel, I love interacting with tarantula enthusiasts and helping out when needed. As my audience has slowly grown, it's been incredibly rewarding to hear that the articles and videos I've been making have been useful to so many hobbyists. In truth, that is compensation enough for the time and effort.

Recently, I've had a few folks ask about possibly contributing to a Patreon page. I had no idea what they were talking about, and after doing a little research on this program, I initially decided that it wasn't for me. I never got into blogging or YouTube with ANY aspirations to make money, nor were there any hopes of becoming a YouTube personality. Quite frankly, as my audience grew, it wasn't at all about popularity, but instead evidence that I was reaching and helping more people. The thought of trying to solicit money from people for something I've done for free for years just struck me as gauche. 

However, after a discussion in the comment section of a YouTube video with a subscriber (thanks, Richard!) about this platform, I decided to set up a page. Honestly, the main draw for me ended up being the Rewards system. I've long wanted to share some less "produced" and unfiltered videos with interested hobbyists, but this idea did not fit with the more straight-laced and educational formula I wanted for my channel. With the rewards system, I could share some of these more candid videos and behind-the-scenes features that I hold back from posting on YouTube. It would allow me to be less "Tom Moran the teacher" and more just laid back "Tom Moran."

And I'd get to do so with folks who obviously appreciate what I do enough to want to chip in. What's cooler than that? 

Let's be clear: I'm going to continue to write articles, create podcasts, and make videos regardless of if I'm getting any compensation for them. I enjoy doing all three; it's what I do for fun. That said, the hobby can be expensive, as can the mounting cost of the production equipment needed to improve my delivery. Any money earned would be rolled right back into buying equipment and spiders so that I can continue to have new things to talk about (and better looking videos). It would also be cool to show folks exactly what I pick up from any earnings, including new spiders, cages, equipment, or maybe even review products.  

I won't be repeatedly soliciting money, and I'll likely mention the page only as a heads-up to those who may be interested. I teach for a living, and besides enjoying my career, it allows me to pay my bills and have enough left over to spend on my hobby. I'm not creating some arbitrary monetary goal that I want to reach, nor do I plan to partake in any elaborate campaigns to guilt folks into paying. That's just not me.

What I AM going to do is create this outlet for if/when someone would like to contribute, and do my damnedest to make sure that they feel like it's money well spent.

So, in advance, THANK YOU. I still don't feel 100% about this, and it will definitely feel weird if and when someone contributes. That said, ultimately, the decision is yours and any money earned will just go toward improving what I already love doing.

THANK YOU and all the best,

Tom Moran 

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