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is creating a German and English Course
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About Tongue Tip

This is a new Patreon Page, set up for the Tongue Tip Language Course.

The first Courses offered by Tongue Tip are a Literary German Course on YouTube, and an innovative English language course.

We will also produce teaching videos using the pre-war Fraktur letterform.
Fraktur is important to learn, as so much free material on etc is printed in it.
Being able to read Fraktur easily will save you a lot of money in the end.

Initially both courses will be published on YouTube; your subscription here will help us free up time, so we can work on writing and producing these courses.

Once the YouTube German course is complete, we will begin publishing an audio only version, which will only be available to Patrons.

We will also be publishing our pdf textbook and workbooks here as we progress through both the English and the German courses.

The language method Evan and Michael are using is a 'Pimsleuresque' method, based around the language teaching system pioneered by Jean Manesca and Henri Ollendorff.

Evan has pioneered and refined  this methodology since 2006, and has now been joined in this project by  Michael McDonagh. Michael studied German at university for four years, and has lived in Germany. 

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