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Thanks for visiting my Patreon page! I set this up after a number of friends asked how they could support my endeavor to help people grow and move into a new kind of faith journey.

A friend of mine made this metaphor. He told me this. “You’re a plane and you’ve been taxiing around the runway. You’ve gone in circles around the concrete roads, you’ve attempted to make it work but the problem is planes weren’t meant to simply taxi — they were meant to fly.

You’ve experienced an awareness that the world is far bigger than you first understood. You’ve studied, you’ve questioned, and the box your tribe gave you simply doesn’t fit anymore. If this is you then welcome — welcome to a conversation. 

My aim is to create conversation, holy space, materials that help people graduate into a new walk that doesn't ask them to ignore the messiness of life or offer more formulaic religion but learn to embrace it fully and grow with each new lesson learned. The content you help support to create will help others begin doing this!

Faith Undone and other materials available here by Tony Wuerfel are being supported through Reveal Him, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. That means your donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your ongoing support.
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What will $1000 do? Your donations will help to create online communities where real discussion happens along with materials to help guide that conversation. It will enable me to create interactive teachings, blogs, and podcasts that from time to time have special guests that will bring even more life to the conversation of growing into a new kind of faith journey.

When you donate you'll receive the podcasts, weekly reflections, and real time chapters you'll get first before publication
 of my new book "Faith Undone: Losing Your Faith and Finding God."
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