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Who am I?
Greetings! You guys can call me Too Bit To Quit. I've always had a long love for pixel art as I grew up on the Super Nintendo and Gameboy consoles. In 2014 I started creating sprites of various Nintendo with Perler beads and have been trying to make a portion of my living income off of it as it's something that I love to do. Each piece I aim to put the most care and quality into and the excitement it brings others brings me a great joy.

The first piece I made in 2014 of a small 10x10" Charizard

To now a 17x22" Super Mario Box Art

Why Patreon?
Having a page with support from those at home ensures that I can make an extra wage and can commit more time to creating pieces and less time at a traditional hourly job. Even $1 a month can add to the variation of my pieces along with helpful feedback and suggestions from fans. 

What are the benefits to supporting you?
I don't have detailed tiers available yet but each one will at least have the ability to suggest and gain access to regular polls for what pieces I will be doing. As well as see in progress posts before any social media site. Higher tiers ($10 and up) will get physical rewards every month or every other month such as a custom piece of $5 above their pledged value. Eventually I hope to have a Discord server where everyone can chat, share advice, and just have a good time.

What makes you different than the tons of other Perler artists?
Almost everything I make that isn't a game sprite is of my own making from the sprite to the pattern. I hold high expectations of myself to not steal patterns or sprites and pass them off as my own. My pieces are also rarely just something because it's popular for the sake of attention. If someone comes to me wanting something out of my usual I try to learn about the subject matter to connect better with the piece and the person commissioning it. I just love the medium, style and process of it and want to keep making my own pieces.

If you've made it this far I hope you'll join me and show your support!

With many thanks,
Aiden (Too Bit To Quit)

0 of 25 patrons
Once we've got 25 people showing their support, the weekly poll will begin! Each week afterwards I'll put up a suggestion box of subjects. Whether from video games, movies, animation, etc and the top 5 will be put into a poll. Whichever wins will be the Patreon selected piece for that week and will be streamed over on Twitch. Just as a way to connect with you guys at home and make my wonderful supporters feel like they're included!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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