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About Tooiebird

Hello! I'm Tooie and I like to draw! A lot. Mostly in my wonderful, beloved sketchbooks. I have filled more than 80 of them since I started keeping them regularly in 2001. A few years ago I started my art tumblr where I share scans from some of my recent sketchbooks. I also post a lot of my finished artworks as well as sketchbook scans and doodles to my website.
Scanning, editing, and uploading takes a lot of time and effort... Which is why I wanted to start a Patreon to help!

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My sketchbooks are my pride and joy and I love to share them with people. However, I cannot make a living off of sharing them for free. As a supporter, you allow me to continue to post pages from my sketchbooks for everyone to enjoy. 

Supporting me here will also help me with future projects such as making youtube videos or merchandise like buttons, stickers, prints, sketchbook collections, etc. to sell online and at conventions. By supporting me through Patreon, you get first say in what you would like to see from me. 

You also get a 10% discount on commissions and merchandise for as long as you are an active patron.

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