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About Jayme Beddingfield

What’s up guys? I'm Jayme! Some of you already know me. I am a freelance writer in Seattle who started Too Many Words in January 2016 as a way to expand my readership after the release of my novel, The Highly Capable. I tried a couple of things, a podcast in the style of my blog being one of them. Not only did the podcast stick and gain many loyal listeners but I fell in love with doing it. When my publisher closed its doors, taking the books with it, I kept the show going while I pursued other writing endeavors. Talking to you guys and the other creators I bring on the show became a kind of therapy for me as I build and explore my career and what it means to me. I can't thank you enough for all the support you've shown me so far.

With your help, I can have the time and focus to bring you the highest quality, weekly episodes possible. Your support will cover the monthly costs of running the show and allow me more time to dedicate towards coordinating with guests, recording the interviews and monologues, editing, research for each episode, and spreading the word. I will also review books weekly both on the show and its blog. I came here instead of wrangling sponsors like the last time. Too Many Word’s supporters will gain access to early episodes, exclusive audio and written content, to vote on the next books I review, get a chance to pick questions for guests and topics for me to discuss. Supporters will also be the first to hear about project and publication updates. If there are rewards you would like and don't see, you can request them.

I’m hoping all of you that enjoy the show will  help keep the Too Many Words afloat and me in food with maybe even a few bills paid. I really appreciate your support. I can’t do it without you guys. I'm so excited to make new episodes for you!
Be sure to check out the new site! www.tmwpod.com

Thank you!

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