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This helps in in making better animations cause I will use what I earn to buy some new Hardware and Software. :) (if you got nothing to do with your moneyz, don't waste your money if you need it. :p)
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About ToomiPal

Who am I?

Hello there! My name is, ToomiPal. And I make silly animations on youtube, Apparently I am an amateur so, my animations aren't that good, but I try my best to make them good for your entertainment. :D

Why you shouldn't can waste your shiz on me.

Well, I make some animations that you guys could watch, and hopefully you will be entertained by them. If you do, why not support me? :D
And if you expect 'highly made' animations, I need some ca-tching to buy some gu~~d equipment. :P (Software & Hardware)
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When I reach 100 Patrons I'll try to make some new potato merchzz
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