Stephanie Sendelbach

is creating Traditional and Digital Cartoon Artwork
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About Stephanie Sendelbach

My name is Stephanie Sendelbach, and some of my followers will know me as Infierna. My goal is to provide unique, colorful, and expressive cartoons for those that need them. I frequent many art conventions where I sell custom artwork, and these conventions vary far and wide. My passion is to help connect my audiences with the characters that they imagine, and help bring them to life! I have a BFA in Digital Art (Animation) and Film, and I use my degree to think critically about each character and help each client by applying the best design choices.

In the past years, I have been growing my art business and working three jobs, (my art business, cashiering, and human resources). Over the past year making artwork has become an even more important part of my life. Currently I work two jobs (art and cashiering) as my artwork demands more of my time. I would love to fully pursue my passion, but I need your help to make the jump to full time artist.

As a thank you, Patrons will have access to my WIP (works in progress) as I work on them. All WIP will be updated on Patreon before they are released anywhere else (my Facebook or Twitter). Don't forget to click here to visit my art website! Thank you for reading!

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