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H e l l o!

I'm a young cartoonist and animator, Tommy Lavi, who loves the animation media so much. I'm also a founder of ToonCom Studios channel on Youtube, which is dedicated for animations, which me and my little crew are making with a big amount of effort. Not only I make animated projects, but I love making them as much I love the animation industry.

What are we doing?
Me and the crew are working on an animated series for Youtube called ''Boby'', which is a love letter to those classic Looney Tunes and Tex Avery slapstick cartoons. The character Boby is curious, clever and fun loving guy, who is also a main face of this cartoon franchise. The show will also have other characters with different personalities, creative and colorful animation, and of course, slapstick humor just like in the classic cartoons.
I only finished and released the pilot episode of the show, which is also my first animated cartoon I have ever done and released publicly, with a help from voice actors and an Australian composer. Here it is! It's very very very short, but hope you'll enjoy it. :)

Sure, it's not the best thing, that I have done so far, but I'm still pleased, what I have done, and I still continue making cartoons like this. I'm also trying to improve the quality for the upcoming episodes.

Why I'm here at Patreon?

Animation is a hard and very long work to be done. When I'm trying to upgrade the quality of these cartoons, like the animation quality will be better and the length of these projects will be longer than I ever before.
So, what I need here is your help. I need funding in order to speed up and upgrade the process of making these projects come to life. If I don't have any funding, it would take too much time for me to do everything in just one episode except the music and voice acting. So, you and the other patrons will do justice for our cartoon making, and I will give rewards for you as a thank you for supporting us. We are trying our best effort to bring our projects to life, that you will enjoy or even love our creations as much we love to work. Your pledging will make us happy, and we will try to make you feel happy as well.

Where all the pledges will go?

All your pledging to me really can impact to our animation making process. I will use money for such related things like:
- Paying for animators, voice actors, composers, etc.
- Buy/upgrade our equipment for animation making.

These things really depend on success of this Patreon page. I really hope, that I will get as much fund for the project as possible. I don't have any goals in mind yet, but I think I will do some special and unusual project in the future, like a video game, depending how successful I'm here.

Overall, I really really hope, that this page becomes successful as I want in order to make projects come to life. Like I said, when you pledge, you can get some rewards back, like Patreon exclusive content, that only you and the other patrons can see.
Big hopes for our upcoming fun cartoon episodes, and have great days!


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