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About Aishwarya Tandon

Hello! 👋🏽

I am Aishwarya, a freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist from India. I also work as a Character Designer for projects and commissions! 😊

If you are interested in discussing a potential project, kindly email me at [email protected]

I love drawing characters and mood-based illustrations. I would soon love to start working and posting short comics as well. While working on projects, you can find me sharing mostly fan-art of series and characters I like on my social media pages.

I've launched my Patreon solely to be able to share more exclusive art with my patrons while working in between freelance projects and commissions. Due to the time it takes to find a new project, through Patreon, I will be able to pay my bills and also put the savings to continue with some online courses related to art and animation, therefore, upgrading my skills. 💪🏽🔥

As a patron, you will get access to:(depending on your tier pledge)

Patreon-exclusive art, sketches
WIPs and speed paint videos (not shared anywhere else)
🔹 early-access
to sketches, illustrations and/or comics
🔹 high resolution PNG files
of select fan-art and/or original art
🔹 monthly phone wallpapers
🔹 monthly polls/requests (for themes, ideas, sketches, etc.)
🔹 1-free bust/half-body commission (on-turn basis)
🔹  Patreon-exclusive sticker, bookmark and print mailed to you every month

🔸 Biscuit-tier rewards will be sent out first week of the month after you pledge. For example, if you pledge in May, the May rewards will be mailed to you in the first week of June.

I also hope to be able to add another tier in the future, which will include PDF zines! ✨

Thank you so much for your time & support! I really appreciate it! 💕


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Thank you for having chai with me!  ✨ 

With a glass of chai, you get:

 •  access to Patreon-exclusive content

 •  vote in monthly polls

 •  request sketches

 •  access to hi-res PNG files (including phone wallpapers)

 •  early-access to sketches, drawings, comics

 •  speed paint videos


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Hope you enjoy biscuits with your chai!  ✨ 

With biscuits, you get:

  • all chai-tier rewards
  • 1 free bust/half-body commission (on-turn basis)
  • a sticker, postcard print and bookmark mailed to you! (Patreon-exclusive) (monthly, after pledge amount has been processed)
$47 of $100 per month
Reaching this goal will help me pay some personal bills every month w/o relying entirely on freelance projects.

  • monthly desktop wallpaper will be added to all tiers!
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