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-Full access to WIPs, finished art and projects.

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About Top Banana

Hello! I'm Georgia (AKA Top-Banana across the internet)

I'm a freelance artist from the UK who draws a lot of
  • DnD/TTRPG art
  • Other fantasy stuff
  • Commissions
  • Comics

For the most part my patreon will be primarily be where I'll post a lot of WIPs for my own projects that I usually keep to myself.

What are my current projects?

Revived Aeon : Witch Hunt (T+)
My main comic project!
Set in a largely undiscovered world that barely even knows magic exists.
The story follows a young witch named Hazel and her rag-tag family of a con-artist and pirate crew   er Magician and Theatre troupe.
Her life is quickly turned upside down when peculiar uniformed figures start appearing in the city. 
Witch Hunters.

Terrarium Dragons (All ages)
Set a few years before 'Witch Hunt' , these are a small series of short illustrated stories revolving around a skull-faced witch doctor called Sampioen (A.K.A Sam) whose magic accidentally ended up creating small dragons in glass jars. 
And now that's all his magic can do!
Making the best of his situation, he now studies these peculiar creatures.

Fashionable Demons Zine Series

Basically? I like drawing Pretty demons in nice outfits, put together in a zine!


I don't intend to put up any paywalls, so if you like supporting me and want to tip me, that's amazing! If you cant afford to, that's okay! What I usually post online wont change!

Future tiers:
- Early access to new stock
- Early access to comics and other personal projects

Other places you can find me
$101 of $500 per month
If by some miracle I ever reach this goal I may cry- no I WILL cry.
This would cover most of my living costs, meaning I can take less demanding freelance work/Commissions AND finally focus more on my own projects!

I would love to create a digital sketch commission for each and every one of my patrons
A mini art book for all you patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
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