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Hello patrons and potential patrons!

I'm Topher and I write stuff. Primarily tabletop roleplaying game material and short fiction. If you've been around for a while, you know that this Patreon used to be mostly for creating new Skins for Monsterhearts, but now I'm kind of expanding the menu. You'll probably see a lot of work-in-progress gaming material and short fiction for Witchdudes, a new game/setting I'm slowly working on that focuses on young queer guys who also happen to be witches. But I also come up with stuff for various other games (I like Fate, Cortex, ICONS, the Apocalypse Engine, and lots of other systems).

The goal is to produce something about once a week. Sometimes you'll get stuff more often than that. I'm switching from a per-project structure to a monthly subscription structure because I don't want to ding people too badly if I release a rapid string of small pieces.

I don't have a real source of income at the moment so your patronage is super appreciated. Thank you!

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