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About Sean Emslie

I am a Messianic Jewish theologian and Bible teacher. I have been involved in Messianic Judaism since 1989.

I am currently completing a MA in Jewish Studies at Spertus Institute in preparation for their Doctorate in Jewish Studies.

I have earned a Masters in Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University and Masters in Education Technology a Full Sail University. My undergraduate studies were in Jewish Studies at CSU Northridge and History at Pierce College.

I have completed my first published book, a Messianic Commentary on Paul's Letter to the Philippians. All donors of $18 or more per month will receive a signed copy of this book when it is released in July 2019.

I am now seeking to focus my research and writing on the theology and discipleship lessons from the Letter to Philippi and would appreciate your partnering with me financially to support my teaching and writing work.  

All gifts would be greatly appreciated and used to further the work of Messiah to which I have devoted my life.
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