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Topplerite is a website dedicated to bringing you quality videos, guides, articles, and hopefully much more in the future.

For almost two years now we have strived to create the best content for Battlerite players. First it was videos showcasing great plays by the community; then it was making guides co-created by professionals in the Battlerite scene; and after that it was insightful articles into everything about the game.

We brought all of this to you on our beautifully handcrafted website—hosted without any advertisements. We really want this to continue and to grow exponentially, but in order to do that, we need you. While going on our website and checking out the newest content is easy, creating it is not.

We enjoy what we do and almost all of it is done in our free time, but we still need to be able to support ourselves! A lot of effort and time is put into what we do and to be able to do more of it, we could use your help.

The prospect of Patreon is quite new and intimidating to us, but more donations means more of everything. More ability for us to improve what we do, increase the rate at which we do it, and even expand Topplerite into new territory!

To incentivize you further, we have added some very special rewards for donors!
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