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Welcome to my cozy little creative corner! I am a musician, writer, and artist, I've worked in the animation/vfx industry for most of the last 20+ years, at places such as Disney, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. After Lucasfilm shuttered their animation studio, I worked for a VR studio and won 2 Emmys for best interactive media.

It was a fantastic experience, but came at the expense of developing my own creative career because I put everything I had into work. Now I'm learning how to express my own imagination and building my own body of work. 

This is my workshop, and by supporting me you get an all-access pass to the stuff that I create, as well as bonus peeks at works-in-progress and insights into my process. It's going to be chaotic and messy and stream of consciousness until I figure out what I'm doing!

Hence why I call this a "workshop" because it's a place of exploration, not a place of formal publication. And mostly I don't want to be afraid to try new things and fail and learn and get better.

On occasion, I will also delve into ideas and themes that I find interesting as a trans woman finding her place in the world.

I hope that with your support, I'll be able to generate supplemental income rather than rely entirely on the salary from my day job.
For now, I'm happy if anyone finds something they like in my work.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy visiting!
-- Mallory

What to expect?

Here's a collage of some of my previous art. I'd love to create some short comics some day, but I think that's outside the scope of my available time. I'm not sure I have the time/patience for really polished final work while I'm working a day job, so expect mostly sketches and speedpaintings.


Here's an example of my music. My brother asked for a hypnotic Tangerine Dream-ish piece for one of his films, so I made this.

And in the past I've made guitar-oriented instrumentals, classic rock, prog rock, orchestral scores, and pop stuff. I try not to sing anything myself. :-P

My taste runs all over the place, and I am having fun experimenting with different styles and genres and learning the latest production techniques.

A non-exhaustive list of my influences and artists that I like to listen to, in no particular order:

Zedd, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Max Martin, Taylor Swift, Sade, Ariana Grande, Queen, Genesis, George Michael, Styx, Timecop1983, Hall & Oates, Sara McLachlan. Disney musicals (particularly Alan Menken), Thomas Newman, John Williams, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Alan Parsons, Makeup and Vanity Set, Daft Punk, ....

So basically I'm all over the place.

I worked alongside brilliant storytellers for most of my career, and picked up a lot along the way. I was a freelance story consultant for Ubisoft on a couple projects. And I've been breaking stories with my brother (indie filmmaker) for the last 10+ years. Our stories have twice made it to the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinals, and in 2018 we made it to the Top 10 in the Script Pipeline competition.

One thing I haven't done is step out on my own and produce my own original writing. Before transitioning I didn't have the belief that I could do it myself. Or my insecurities wouldn't let me put myself out there and risk being awful or embarrassed. It was easier to collaborate behind the scenes with other writers. But now that I've transitioned, I'm starting to find my voice.

So this workshop is where I will try to write my own stuff (at long last!) and work through my hangups about writing for myself. I expect that at first my pieces will be shorter as I build up my metaphorical muscles.

I'm comfortable experimenting and iterating with illustration or music and am confident of my abilities. But I am brutal with my writing and very insecure. So we'll see how this part goes!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
Audio release

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