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The mission of the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre is to provide a safe, positive environment for children and youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education, empowering them to build self‐ confidence in their daily lives, aim for better employment opportunities, and feel supported pursuing their dreams
Through the four elements of Hip Hop -- BBoying (break dancing), MCing, graffiti and DJing, we strive to close the generational gap among elders (well respected Hip Hop Heads) and youth that share the same love, passion, and appreciation for Hip Hop music, the culture, and the movement.
The Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Center channels their energy and creativity into hip-hop arts and a range of creative arts education opportunities, from dance, literary (writing lyrics, spoken word poetry), music, videography and photography, graffiti art, community engagement and program initiatives, healthy living, and individual health and wholistic wellbeing (i.e. mind, body, spiritual equilibrium).
Our youth range in age from 5-24 and are particularly vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, sexual and labor exploitation, domestic violence, and gang involvement. A number of the children and youth we work with report never having graduated high school. They face multiple barriers to attendance and progress as a result of their difficult backgrounds, the fees involved, and being compelled to generate income.
Since our first meeting of the minds in November 2015, of some of the most influential Hip Hop Heads in Toronto, to discuss the possibility of establishing the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre in our homegrown territory/environment of the Jane/Finch Community; to the ever evolving, growth, and change that has occurred throughout 2016, to where we are today in the year 2017; finally established as a recognized community based incorporated organization. Despite a myriad of challenges, as most non-profits experience as, we fight to survive and continue on our notable journeys; the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre is proud of what we have achieved and we are excited about what lies ahead.
Our biggest achievements for 2017 included keeping the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre fully operational despite severe funding challenges. We continue to be self-funded and volunteer based and donation based. We have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with local businesses, the City of Toronto, and the TDSB on a variety of initiatives. Not only were we able to provide services to children and youth and new immigrant populations throughout the city of Toronto, but we were also able to do some major outreach and bring the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre to First Nations communities on the outskirts of Toronto. Our mission is to reach as many children and youth and communities as we can. We endeavor to bring “Hope” to the “Hopeless”. We refuse to let “Hopeless” win. This is our mantra.
Our goal in all we endeavor to do in the community is to engage children and youth with new creative arts opportunities, information, connections, and contacts, while we seek out more financial stability through various social enterprises (i.e. fundraising, creative arts grants, community service/engagement grants, etc.)
At our new location in Parkdale, we will be expanding our programs and workshops; the nature of which are at this time being discussed among our board members. We are also seeking volunteers to assist us in the work we endeavor to do and are hoping to attract youth interested in pursuing the arts as a career option, esp. those needing community hours for high school graduation.
What we envision for the future is to one day be able to have an operating budget that will enable us to employ youth, that have excelled and truly benefitted from our programs and initiatives, as instructors and mentors. Although most will inevitably move on to be performers or artists in their own right; our greatest wish and accomplishment is to have them return to their humble beginnings to, in some small way, give back to the community that gave them their first real “break” in life.
The Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre has recently completed a successful reanimation project of a music studio in the east end of Toronto (Don Montgomery CRC). This very exciting initiative has been one of the most exciting projects since our incorporation. This music studio space in the heart of Scarborough is giving children and youth opportunities to rehearse/perfecting their skills, and to record their own material; realizing their creative potential.
Looking ahead to key objectives for 2018, the Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre needs to grow again. We need to bring in more instructors so we can reach out to even more children and youth still urgently in need our help. Doing this is going to require resources, so we’ll be looking at how to raise funds which have such a huge impact and return on investment, while raising our public profile through social media and engagement with our communities. We are exploring new projects, initiatives, and collaborations. As ever, we are thinking creatively, and this extends to our day to day work. It won't be easy; but, we will get there.

How you can help: 

$10 will pay for one hour of dance lessons for 10 children.

$30 will pay for one child to attend the THHCC for one month.

$50 will pay the transportation cost for ten children to attend the THHCC for a month.

$150 will pay the honorarium for one of our youth instructors for a month.

$350 will pay for supplies and equipment for our dance lessons and workshops for a year.

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The THHCC will include a monthly feature on our YouTube Channel where Freddy "Freeze" Lopez (Executive Director/Founder) interviews 1 patron each month.  For patrons located outside of Toronto, Ontario, the interview will take place via Skype.
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