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is creating YouTube Gaming Videos and Live Stream content
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Gain access to our discord server and the ability to contact us directly.  O and a permanent place in our hearts for helping us, Thank you.
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all benefits of tear one along with a unique color for your name in the end credits that is unique to the 2$ level.  
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all previous benefits and a unique color in the end credits that is unique to the 5$ level, access to our discord channel with a unique rank so you can ask us questions and participate in video recordings when possible.




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About Total Reset

You're here!

Thanks for coming to my Patreon page, by coming here I'm guessing you enjoy something that I do. Probably the videos I post on youtube or the live streams I try to get out at least once a week 

Why Patreon?

I wanted a way from people who enjoy my content to support me in some way if they wish. This isn't required in any way shape or form but it really does let me know that I'm doing something right and it's a huge encouragement for me to keep doing videos or other activities on the internet, "I'll elaborate on the other later".

How Does It Help?

t helps in all kinds of ways from keeping my equipment current and operating so I can bring you amazing videos and live streams. Or even more personal things like helping me feed my 150LBS Mastiff/Newfoundland mix who manages to eat an incredible 50$ a week in food.

How Does It Help You?

For now, I probably don't have much to offer besides a discord channel but when things start moving forward I'm sure I'll think of more options


Ultimately this is just an option I wanted to give to people who really like my content. If you can't afford it, please don't give me anything it's not something I'll ever try to push on anyone. Anyway thanks for reading and watching my videos!
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  • Like anew business we set our first goal at a dollar, this is just showing us that we can do the thing we're setting out to do and we're going to literally frame it. So this is great, who ever helped us do this you're amazing. 
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