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About Total Party Thrill

Hey there! We are I-Hsien and Shane, the hosts of Total Party Thrill, a podcast for gamemasters and players where we discuss our campaigns in order to inspire yours.

We started this podcast in August of 2015 because we love roleplaying games and the RPG hobby, and wanted to share our experience and passion with the world. At the time, we were hopeful that we could get a few friends to listen to our whimsical ramblings about Dungeons & Dragons. As we sat down to record (in a very literal pillow fort in Shane's living room), we had no idea that we would make it to 100 episodes, be nominated for an ENnie, or meet RPG industry icons like Keith Baker and Monte Cook.

Along the way, we've racked up a few costs for things like recording equipment, web hosting and domain, audio editing software, t-shirts/buttons/business cards, traveling to conventions like Gen Con, and sponsoring our friends at AcadeCon. We want to continue doing these things and offer even more content, and we'd really appreciate your support.

One of the biggest challenges we have with making TPT, which prevents us from acting on so many of your awesome suggestions and requests, is simply that we don't have enough time. We've created some initial goals to fund these types of projects. Reaching those goals will allow us to hire people in our community to assist us and, more importantly, offer a fair wage for editing, production assistance, art, etc.

Finally, thank you so much for listening. We have far exceeded anything we thought TPT could be, and that's because of you, our awesome listeners. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening, subscribing, reviewing, retweeting, meeting us at conventions, and writing to us. You keep us going.
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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Overview

We're covered Eberron, Birthright, Planescape, Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, Eclipse Phase, Dark Sun, Greyhawk, and more in our Campaign Setting episodes. At $300, we'll finally add Forgotten Realms to our Campaign Settings series. We'll cover the history of the setting, give an overview of the lore, and grind a few axes with Ed Greenwood's various Mary Sues, deity interventions, and Spellplagues.
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