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Hey everybody!

My name is Jovan C. Alford and I am the founder and editor in charge over at, which is apart of The Sports Daily Network. Some of you, who are checking out this Patreon page for the first time may know me, while others of you may not.

For those who do not know me or about Total Sports Live, here is a quick synopsis on the site.

History of TSL

Total Sports Live was created on November 6, 2011, on a basic Blogger layout. When I say it was basic, it is not what you see today. There was no cool drop-down boxes, widgets, or high-quality images.

During the early years of TSL, I prided myself on making sure the site stayed up to date with news, game previews, and recaps. However, as time wore and I got comfortable with writing, I decided to bring on a few staff members.

The inaugural class of writers I had on staff was Matt Brown, Noel Claudio, Pat Andrews, Darryl Simmons, and Ryan Rush. Having those guys contributing to the site whenever they could, helped open my eyes to what the future could become for Total Sports Live.

Therefore, as the years continued, TSL grew and through that, I was able to bring on more talented writers.

Those talented writers were able to have a platform to not only write about the sports/teams they love but also cover various sporting events. Even though we had people out and about covering games, I felt like they should've been rewarded for their hard work.

But as I found out, that would be hard to come by as ad monetization is not always your best friend. You can produce quality content, but if someone has an ad blocker on their web browser, you are missing out on clicks and potential revenue.

Why are we using Patreon?

It is to help us continue to produce quality sports content along with podcasts for our readers/listeners.

This site would not be where it is today, without the countless efforts and work over the years from Matt Brown, Adio Royster, Alex McKeon, Angela Montoni, Kayleigh Jackson, Kevin O'Connor Jr., and others. These men and women were the true MVPs of TSL.

Despite having a Patreon, will not be behind a paywall so you still will be able to access our content for free.

Thank you again for checking out our Patreon page and continuing to support us at TSL. If you cannot donate, that is okay because if you continue to share, like, retweet our stories, and listen to our various podcasts, you are helping us immensely.
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Thank you for helping us reach our first goal. It is an absolute blessing that you all believe in us and what we are trying to accomplish.

This goal will go towards maintaining our website, creating our podcasts, and rewarding our writers for their efforts. Our writers do a fantastic job of covering many different sporting events across the tri-state area.

If we can achieve this goal, we will be able to keep on sending our writers out to bring you the stories that you cannot get anywhere else. 
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