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I am creating a closed facebook page for these Patrons where we all can chat and make video requests. Also on here I like to online game once a week and the peeps on here will find out the details to join me gaming. Once the pledge goes unfortunately you will be removed from the page :(
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If someone actually gets to this I will make private videos for these patrons once every 2 weeks. These will be more chat to camera, daily vlogs so more personal :-)
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You get a say in the content I make. I will chat to you often about what videos you like to see and I will concentrate on getting them on my channel at least once a week depending on the video




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About Sammy

Hey guys

I have been making youtube videos for about a year now (on this channel) and I'm so limited with time because I work full time. Usually when I get home I'm super sleepy, you can see when I'm off for a week because loads of content comes out and I love love love them weeks.

I thought I would give this a go to see if I can eventually do this full time (I know I know you and everyone else but I'm super passionate about this and you have to try, If you try and fail at least you have tried and can learn from your mistakes)

I'm making a promise here the second I get £1/$1 patron I will upload at least 1 video a week. Even if it stays at £1/$1 I will continue to upload.

Thank you to anyone that wants to help me on my jorney I hope to speak to you soon
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