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About Gary Miller

Total World Productions Patreon appeal - the project

Hi, I'm Gary Miller from Total World Productions I live in the Bradford district in West Yorkshire. For a long time I have wanted to be able to go to see live "world" music events, but unfortunately there has been a lack of these events in Bradford. So I thought why not organise them myself and that's just what I have been doing. So far I have put on a number of events which from the perspective of having a good time and presenting some great music have been a success but have been financially not so successful. I know they have been good nights because of the very positive feedback I have received from members of the audience . So far we have had music from the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia and more events are planned for the future. I believe that these nights could continue to grow and be successful and would be a great addition to the city of Bradford, bringing much needed musical cultural diversity that will benefit Bradford in many ways, building bridges across communities and providing quality music, enabling people to have access to it in their local city without having to travel further afield, as well as boosting the local economy. Furthermore this will be of benefit to musicians whose music is often marginalised by the the big corporate money making music industry. Patreon provides a way for you to support this endeavor and will be just one part of a plan that will include looking for other avenues of funding from other organisations

How you can get involved

Patreon provides a way for you to support this venture by offering your patronage and pledging a small amount of money to ensure that I can continue to organise these events into the future. The great thing about Patreon is that you can donate as little or as much as you want per every event that I organise, and to ensure that you control the amount you pledge each month you can put a monthly cap on your donation, so for example if you donate $1 (60p) per event and put a cap of $2 on it, and I put on 1 event in any given month you would pay $1, if I put on 2 events in that month you would pay $2 and if I put on 3 or more events in that month you would still only pay $2, the capped amount, also if I don't put on anything you don't pay anything. I will generally aim to put on 1 or occasionally 2 events per month. There will be a sliding scale of benefits and rewards depending on how much you donate which you can see on the page and you will be able to interact through the fan page although you can also choose to donate incognito if you wish. Events will be evidenced by a small piece of video footage posted to the Patreon page which you will be able to view as a patron and this will generate the event payment.

How your patronage will help

Without this extra support I will be unable to continue with the project and, depending on how much support I get I will be able to invest it in better fees for the musicians, better equipment for the performances, better pay for the technical staff, better publicity campaigns, larger venues and reduced ticket prices and with a view to educational opportunities in the future. The list could go on.

The benefits

So what's in it for you. Well first of all bringing positive development to Bradford which is a great city and deserves this kind of development. A warm fuzzy feeling and, depending on the amount donated, certain advantages that are outlined in the donation level section.

So, if you want to see regular, good quality live world music in Bradford and believe like me that it will add to the cultural vibrancy of our city, please support this project by donating through Patreon. Sponsoring great live world music events.
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