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Hey, we're Owen and Jay, and we make an intensely NSFW comedy podcast called Think of the Children.

It's a show in which we attempt to make you laugh by destroying the thing you love most: Your Childhood. To achieve this goal, we take the things you love from childhood (Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Food, Long forgotten memories with your cousins etc) and try to pervert them in a profane ritual. So far we've made Matilda into a crime serial, Rugrats into an edgy murder mystery, Teletubbies into a Lovecraftian Nightmare, and so much more.

This show is a great outlet creativley, and we're obsessed with bottom line, so it'd be cool to actually break even (Hence our super low goal).

If you like the show and would consider kicking a couple of bones our way to help pay for hosting each month, we'd really appriciate it. Otherwise, you can keep listening to the low, low price of free every single Wednesday!

And hey, if you don't know about our show, consider checking us out at!
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