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About Touring Midwest

Hey Travelers,
how is it going? thank you so much for stopping by my Patreon Page.
Since your here you must have heard that this is the place for early access to content and opportunities for content, priority level interaction and giveaways that nobody else can get.

But let me share a little bit about Touring Midwest just in case your new around here.

Touring Midwest Was originally created by me (in 2012) as a way to highlight the Midwest, to Show you points of interest, places to eat and things to do and\or see along your travels, an avenue to promote locally owned establishments and to support small businesses in and around the Midwest (think travel channel or food network) 

I included the Motorcycle content because its my way of choice to travel and now its a motorcycle touring and travel kinda thing..... Whatever it is I love it and I am so thankful to all of you who choose to show your support and desire to see Touring Midwest succeed in promoting travel and tourism in, around and through the Midwest and in turn continue to share these small businesses and restaurants across my content,This patreon page is all about that..

Touring Midwest Patreon Rides coming 2020

Coming in the Spring of 2020 I will be introducing group ride opportunities for my Patrons 1 Saturday each month during the riding season. These will be day rides and will usually consist of riding to a locally owned restaurant or brewery in the southern Minnesota, north/ central Iowa areas.

2 weekend rides during the riding season, these will generally be a 3 to 4 day ride touring different areas of the Midwest stretching slightly further than the day rides, possibly northern Minnesota, south Dakota, Milwaukee Wisconsin, southern Iowa, Nebraska, etc.
These may be anything from Brewery tours to sight seeing to motocamping, etc.

1 week long trip a season, this will be a 5 to 7 day trip and could be a motorcycle rally i.e. Sturgis, Milwaukee, etc or just an epic motorcycle adventure exploring parts of the Midwest.

These rides will be open only to patrons, thier passengers and one guest (available for all tiers)
ride info will be announced only within the Touring Midwest Patreon platform.

Other Announcements:

When we get to 20 patrons we will also be offering giveaways each month including but not limited to:
Gas cards.
Gift cards (custom dynamics)
Ride meals.
Brewery tour entrance fees.
Motorcycle accessories.
Touring Midwest merch.
And more.

If we hit 50 patrons or more by January 1st 2020 all patrons will be entered into a 2021 Sturgis Rally Experience giveaway hosted by Touring Midwest. It will include lodging and 2 meals per day and will be a 5 day trip riding my favorite roads in the black hills, eating at my favorite restaurants and exploring the black hills area.

For all giveaways the dollar amount you choose to contribute on a monthly basis to the channel is the amount of entries you'll recieve for each drawing.In Choosing to sponsor the coverage and projects at Touring Midwest here on Patreon you are choosing to support small locally owned establishments all throughout the Midwest, this platform will allow me to travel further, cover more area and explore more often.

it will allow me to create more content on a regular basis for you and it will create opportunities for content and giveaways that nobody else will have access to.

No matter what I thank you so much for your time and for stopping by,
Andrew Manuel
Touring Midwest.



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