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About Tovnigind Communications

is a one-man, South America-based organization dedicated to the production and release of interactive multimedia works. That is to say, TOVNIGIND COMMUNICATIONS is the ersatz bureaucratic framework for which its author, founder and sole member can facilitate the release of his productions to the wider world for public consumption and enjoyment. As it stands, all of these productions are for the time being free to play, listen, and/or download. The main base of distribution is, for the time being, TOVNIGIND COMMUNICATIONS' page.

Currently, TOVNIGIND COMMUNICATIONS also has one direct subsidiary dedicated to personal music releases called THE TOVNIGIND SOUND CONSORTIUM, currently present in Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

This Patreon page for TOVNIGIND COMMUNICATIONS serves as a way to directly support the author through monetary means for the main purpose of covering various production and site maintenance costs, and the secondary purpose of covering various personal living costs. If you enjoyed the productions of TOVNIGIND COMMUNCATIONS, please consider a bit of financial support - in an economy such as the one I live in, something as minimal as one or two US dollars can mean keeping me fed for a few days.

TOVNIGIND COMMUNICATIONS would like to take advantage of this space to wish you a very nice day.