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About the book 
"Ya! Old pervert! I heard you have a disciple. Which training ground did you send him?" "it's definitely a ground.. An execution ground!"
"old pervert. Your disciple is about to break through? what kind of pill do you want me to concoct for him?"
"a good pill! His tribulation lightening, If possible, let's make it stay a few more days."
"old pervert. Your disciple needs more tribulation lightening?"
"don't bother! Tribulation lightening refuses to come no matter what unheavenly act we commit! Say, old Iba! I heard you got some demon fire, lend it to me to test it on him. If it's original, I'll return it."
The MC went on a quest and got stuck in some world after entering a place called the mist. His special constitution makes him one of a kind, especially with a master that's trying to kill... Cough... Train him. He has to reach the stage of godeater before he can get home. .........................................................................
Interested? Chapter one till the once in patreon are free to readers. Go to Webnovel 

author's note:

I am an enthusiastic author,  lover of art, comics, movies, cartoons... Well,  anything that tells a story. I have been writing out of my desired genre for the past few years and now I'm back into fantasy! But instead of western fantasy, I'm going east!

I am a lover of great tales from authors like I eat tomatoes and Er Gen, that I wanted to write something  in that genre.

Disclaimer: I am not Asian nor Buddhist. I try to avoid using terms in this way to avoid offending people. Names you see in my book are actual names from my culture,  ibibio in Nigeria. I chose these names because when spelt,  they look Eastern. This is a trick of the eyes to give you the ultimate reading experience.

If I make reference to Asian or Buddhist like beliefs, it is not so. I am an eckist (check out the religion) so,  i'm truth, I am messing with facts from my own religion.

I make this disclaimer because I am the kind if person who would be offended if foreigners started trying to write something so tailored to my culture. The style of writing is basically created to give you a wonderful reading experience. Thank you for reading To Walk The Mist.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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