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I'm Tiffany, but you can call me Tpatt the director. I created this patreon page to give people the opportunity to help me give them the funny stuff that they love so much! I love to make people laugh and I would love nothing more than to be supported by my fans like artists all around the world!!! By joining me in this beautiful journey not only will you be aiding in more creative and captivating videos, but you will be assisting me in many other projects aimed at helping the black community. For example, my next large project is a documentary on mental health in black America. During the time of filming every homeless person that I may interview will receive a care package, with you're help i could do so much more than that!!! I hope that we can build something beautiful together, now and in the months to come. THANK YOU!!!

Head over to my website for more of my projects current and future..
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