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Tis But A Scratch
per creation
  • You will have access to every map in a HD rendered static format (usually a JPG image), usable on most VTTs. Also appropriate for print for your group.
  • There will be a night and day version. (Where applicable)
  • With and without grid for top down night and day versions. 
  • A minimum of 4 static scenic perspective views of both night and day versions.  (Where applicable) 
I've Had Worse
per creation
  • All of the Tis But A Scratch rewards plus...
  • 1080 HD animated maps with sounds.
  • Night and Day versions.  (Where applicable) 
  • With and without grids for top down night and day versions.
  • A minimum of 4 animated scenic perspective views of both night and day versions.  (Where applicable) 
  • The opportunity to vote on one monthly map.
Just A Flesh Wound
per creation
  • All of the I've Had Worse rewards plus...
  • 4k HD animated maps with sounds.
  • Night and Day versions.  (Where applicable) 
  • With and without grids for top down night and day versions.
  • 4k Scenic intros for both night and day versions.  (Where applicable) 
  • Oculus/Gear VR in a 360 degree panorama in a premium format also appropriate for generic devices. VR files are in beta, we look forward to the community's feedback to improve and develop this product.



About TPK3D

What is TPK3D?

We are gamers who make animated maps, cinematic cut scenes and static maps for gamers. What we do that is different from other RPG cartographers is to craft photo-realistic animated maps, cinematic cut scenes, and VR gear compatible assets for role playing games. These map bundles can be used on a standalone digital gaming table or on a VTT (Virtual Table Top software like Roll20, Arkenforge, and Astral Tabletop).

Think about it: every movie you watch, every anime, and every video game, features cut scenes where a place, person, or idea is highlighted. And yet, in role playing games, we get stuck with a simple dialogue box.

Not anymore.

Our goal is simple. We create the most realistic, interactive, VR, and fun cut scenes and maps for a variety of role-playing genres. We will do this in such a fashion that these assets are easy to use on a variety of devices and mediums. Whether your group is focused on fantasy, cyberpunk or anything in between, we will strive to help you bring your games to life.

How TPK3D Works
Every TPK Tuesday we will release a new map bundle, at a minimum of three times a month. On TPK Tuesday we will send you a link to the appropriate Tiers and you will gain instant access to ALL of that Tier's maps. This includes ALL previous month's maps too. These links will only be good for that month. At the beginning of each month we will send out a new link. Just download your files and display on your medium of choice. Easy!

A Little About Us
In our day jobs, we work in the CAD and IT industries. It is through these experiences and our passion for too many RPGs to list that we started making simple maps and scenes for our own games. We’d share these interactive ‘shorts’ with our players and it did a couple of things right off the bat. First, players could be immediately immersed in the story as it unfolded and this added to the theater of the mind. Secondly, it put everyone on the same playing field. The scenes eliminated miscommunication of what a place looked like or how it fit into the surrounding terrain. Perhaps most importantly, it added to the collective creative world we were building in our games. The seemingly unimportant horse stable became a secret meeting point. The red brick apartment building in the background became the headquarters for an organized crime family. We found as a RPG group that the maps and scenes helped us to tell stories more creatively, collectively, efficiently, and with the same panache expected from every other form of modern entertainment. The cool factor didn’t hurt any either. 😉

We can’t wait to hear how your group has taken a map, cinematic scenes, and VR assets and made your own unique story with it.


This is cool, but how do I use these maps and scenes in our game?
No differently than you’d use a regular printed or digital map. The map bundles will always come with grid and grid less versions so you can scale it to your preferences. The maps may be used as a traditional printed product, on your digital gaming table, on your VTT, with your VR gear, or simply displayed on your TV, projector, computer screen, tablet or phone.

You can use cut scenes to highlight a particular place, event, or individual. In game play, it might sound something like this: “Nestled high in Andarian Mountains is rumored to live an ancient scribe known only as The Hermit. If anyone knows the obscure information you seek, it would be this guy.” And then you’d show your players the cinematic cut scene of your choosing. You can also use cut scenes to show how the visibility of a place changes from day to night. This can be important if your group is planning some sort of raid or other shenanigans. Cut scenes are realistic enough to add memorable flair to your games but are also non specific so that you can effortlessly fold them into the story you’re telling.

What genres of games are these maps and scenes for?
Pretty much any genre you’d like to play. We have maps that have a very fantasy look to them, maps that have more of a modern/cyberpunk vibe, and maps that are a little more open to interpretation and would work equally well in those genres and anything in-between. Many of our nature maps could be easily used in fantasy, modern, or even as a backdrop to a dream-scape or vision quest. How you use these maps and scenes to help tell the epic stories you’re crafting is up to you. Use the imagery to get inspired and take your games to new levels.

Do I have to download some special app to get these maps and scenes to work?
Generally speaking, no. The printable static maps will be JPEGs and should open with the photo viewer of your choice. Animated maps and cut scenes will work on the MP4 player of your choice. With the animated maps themselves, simply set your player to repeat for a continuous looping of the map. Cut scenes can be played no differently than any video you would watch. All animated maps and cut scenes will come with an integrated sound track. If you’d prefer to use your own sound effects or music, simply mute our soundtrack in the MP4 player and then use your own.

VR files are still in beta. We are currently producing stereoscopic renders of varying sizes. We will absolutely need community feedback on these files so that we can create the file types and image quality you desire. We are capable of producing files for Oculus, Gear VR, and other generic devices. This is an area where we will continue to improve with the help of our community.

Are these maps printable?
Yup. The largest one we’ve made was an ARCH D, which is 24” x 36” Looked great.

Can I use these maps and scenes in my online games?
You bet! Depending on what platform you are using, you may have to make some decisions on what the best way is to share the maps and scenes with your friends.

It is our experience that in games played in Skype or other video call services that while you can use the screen share function to display the maps and scenes, the quality of the experience is very dependent on everyone’s internet connection speed. What we have found that is generally more dependable is to upload the files to a video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo. If you do that, we ask that you please consider making the links Unlisted or Private so that your players aren’t seeing things that you’re not ready for them to.

If you’re using a VTT such as Roll20, you may have to download an app so that the animations will work correctly. See our tutorial on using these maps and scenes on Roll20.

A note about uploading these maps and scenes:
These files may only be used for your own personal gaming use and as such you may not resell or widely distribute the files to the general public. You are allowed to upload these files to YouTube, Vimeo, etc... for use on your VTT and online games. We suggest you make the link unlisted or private to prevent your players from seeing the maps before you are ready for them to. If you wish to use these maps and cinematic scenes in your For Profit gaming live stream or show, please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss our attribution requirements. You may print these files for your own personal gaming use. If you wish to use these files as part of a larger For Profit project including print, online or other mediums or platforms, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss our licensing requirements. Depending on your needs, we may be able to create a custom piece for you.

Can I resell these maps and scenes on my website/ store?
No. Not unless we have a written agreement about how that would work. See above.

We use RPG modules, how can I use these maps and scenes with those?
The maps and scenes are realistic enough to add that wow factor to your games. They are also generic enough to be used with just about any type of story line or game system that you choose. Maybe in your game, the building with the red roof is a tavern, while in someone else’s game, that building is an inn. Simply fold the maps and scenes into your story as you choose to tell it.

Would you make our group a custom map and scenes?
Maybe. It would greatly depend on how much time we’d have available. With full time jobs, family, friends, and so forth our schedules can get kinda crazy.

We are also considering a Custom Map Tier. To be fully transparent, this Tier would likely be fairly pricey. We’ll put it up to a community vote once we have a better idea of exactly what this Tier would entail.

How do you make this stuff?
By trade, we are in the CAD and IT industries. We’ve tweaked our professional skill sets just a hair to produce these fun maps and scenes for our own gaming groups and now we’re producing them for you and your group to enjoy.

While much of what we create is done in house we can, have, and will purchase different textures and assets to simplify work flow on our end for these maps and images. All of what you see is either created wholly by TPK3D or has been appropriately licensed through the vendor and/or artist from which it originated. We reserve the right to modify assets to fit the needs of a particular project as is allowed by the licensing agreements we are bound by. IOW, we're playing it by the book. If attribution (often although not always needed for sound effects) is required it will be clearly stated in the Read Me text document included with each map bundle.
4% complete
As it turns out, rendering photo realistic scenes takes quite a bit of time. When we reach $2000 we'd like to purchase a blazing hot fast dedicated rendering machine. When this goal is met, we will release a free special multi part map for all Tiers, designed to TPK your PCs... with style!
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