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Two Pole Fitness Classes Per Month
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Get two Pole Fitness Lessons each month. 

A new pole combo, strengthening exercises and stretches will be included in each lesson. 

Each movement is explained and demonstrated clearly for you to follow and try at home on your own pole. 

One lesson per month will be Beginner/Intermediate and one lesson per month will be Intermediate/Advanced. 



About Tracey Simmonds

Welcome to Tracey Simmonds' Pole Fitness Lessons.

Pole Fitness is one of the most effective and enjoyable forms of exercise at every level.

I will teach you how strengthen and stretch to achieve specific pole moves, making those seemingly impossible moves possible!

Detailed tutorials are released each month including strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as in-depth tutorials of each pole move put together in a combination.

Beginner/Intermediate AND Intermediate/Advanced tutorials every month for only $6.

Thank you for being a patron of Tracey Simmonds' Pole Fitness Lessons.
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When I reach my goal of 500 patrons I will upgrade my studio space to create the highest quality videos for my patrons!
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