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About Trackers

Trackers is a band of 3 musical artists from 3 countries, with 3 different musical backgrounds. Together, we make amazing music! We track down other artists to collaborate with from time to time, always adding to our epic sound. 

One By One...
Brandon -  (Australia), formerly Bafana Mac & producer of EDM, had local success gaining support from Gold Coasts 105.7 Radio Metro. With a broad musical taste he decided to introduce some of the influences outside of EDM into his music. He pushes all the right buttons.

Gabriel -  (Peru), from the school of Hard Rock & Metal, Gabriel's riffs zap the synthetic music to life like Victor Von Frankenstein! A monster is born. 

Hania - (USA), Australian born globe trotter who has finally settled down in the USA. A multi-award winner for her music compositions and performance throughout life... Hania now just calls herself a singer/songwriter who will own your soul the moment you begin to listen.

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