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I started with an iPhone recording Minecraft videos on an old channel. I’ve later known that I was interested in Computing, Developing, Softwares, and Coding. I started a very old Minecraft channel that lasted for well over 2 years which gave me motivation to make standard, if not, high-quality content.

On July 6th of 2016, I found this childhood game I have been playing since Generation 2, Pokémon GO. 
This game changed my life. I stopped doing Minecraft videos for Pokémon GO videos, but that did not help my channel that well. I heard that this game takes place in the real-world, which got me motivated to make Pokémon GO content in the first place.

On June 18th of 2018, I opened up Trainer Chops - Pokémon GO.
With some experience with film, photography, and uploading YouTube videos, I was inspired specifically by Reversal’s Pokémon GO YouTuber Review Livestream to make this channel. Even though the channel was recently created, this channel and this game that I played every day, brought me to new places. Before I opened this YouTube channel, Pokémon GO hasn’t taken me places. From Southern California to Los Cabos, Mexico and Hawaii. 

In July of 2018, it’s time to step up my game.
I am ready to take YouTube seriously, but with some fun and laughs along the way. Pokémon GO is a global game that not everybody has the chance to travel all the time. That is why I want to share my experiences with the world. Especially on YouTube, viewers and subscribers can be from anywhere in the world. Sharing content with quality over quantity, helps me grow and develop as a matured person because it shows what the place I am at in a video, is like.

Becoming a Patreon is what makes more quality over quantity videos. You are the instigator for my road to the real-world traveling experiences. With your amazing support, I can step up my game to make the best content I can. Creating content on a daily or semi-daily basis can be tough, but it is all for a good communal cause, to spread to the world, what this game is all about. 

Watching my YouTube videos supports me too. I appreciate the time you take out of every day to watch me go around my city catching Pokémon and doing raids. And sure anyone can spoof and do that, anyone can spoof to Los Cabos, Mexico and catch Regional Exclusives, but to have cinematics to show what the area is really about, shows the world how amazing that area is. 

Thank you for making this journey possible. Without you, my channel wouldn’t have come this far and cheers to the years forward of Pokémon GO and Trainer Chops - Pokémon GO!
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I’m not all in for just money. I want to see how well my viewers can support me. If they take the extra step to furthermore become a Patreon, I would really appreciate it. It means a lot to me and this Patreon is not only for me, but it is a communal goal and project!
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