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Thank you for contributing to this project. Being the Elite is such a fun Youtube series, and by contributing, you're allowing more fans to enjoy it every week!




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Hello everyone. Just this afternoon myself and a group of passionate wrestling fans I also like to call my friends were discussing popular YouTube series, Being The Elite, starring of course The Elite (Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page etc.). As we discussed our enjoyment of the series, one of our pals who is hard of hearing voiced an interest in wanting to watch the series, but wasn't able to due to captions being unavailable. This discussion led us to the consideration of many other fans who may want to enjoy the series but simply cannot due to the unavailability of captions/subtitles. The series is great fun and a good laugh, and we'd hate to think that loyal fans of ROH and NJPW are missing out on this series.

So we're going to change this.

By supporting this Patreon, you will allow us to provide everyone with prompt and accurate transcriptions of each and every upcoming episode of Being the Elite as they are released. We want to make sure that as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE can enjoy Being the Elite, so our transcriptions will never be behind a paywall. Therefore, we are simply asking for contributions to help us continue to do this for the public. Thanks to everyone that supports, or will support our effort! :)
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The standard rate for transcription services is about $1 per minute of work. Therefore, with about 4-5 BTE episodes being released monthly, we'd like to compensate the transcriber $120 a month if possible. :)
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